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Conspiracy Theories: Lunar Moon Landing Conspiracy


The Conspiracy:

The claim is fairly simple. NASA conspired with the US Government to fake the moon landings. Proponents of this theory say that the NASSA moon landings were filmed in a Hollywood studio. One organization has even went as far to claim that NASA hired famed director Stanley Kubrick to direct the moon landings and Arthur C. Clark wrote the script. They say the motivation for faking this trip was to win the space race against the Soviet Union (who curiously enough pop up again on this list a bit later). Conspiracy theory proponents claim that NASA would not risk sending men into space because if the mission went badly and the astronauts died it would embarrass the nation so they chose to fake the landing instead.

The Evidence:

You cannot make a footprint on the moon


There is no wind on the moon


The flag is blowing in nonexistent wind

The Shadows are created from multiple light sources


The Crazy:

Speaking hypothetically, let’s say that the first few moon-landings were faked. It is pretty much undeniable that NASA eventually did put a man on the moon with the Apollo 14 and 15 missions, so what does it really matter? Back in the real world, the flag appears to be blowing because it was made to look like it was blowing so when the astronauts placed it on the moon we could see that it was the U.S. flag and not the flag of some other country. On not being able to make a footprint on the moon, all I have to say is: What? Lastly, there have been countless experiments that have proven that you can get the shadows that were exhibited on the moon from one light source. Most famous of these were performed by the crew on the television show Mythbusters.

All the evidence that I need that Apollo 11 landed on the moon comes from Buzz Aldrin. When asked by a radio interviewer if the moon landing was faked, Aldrin replied by punching the radio host in the face.